Speckled Green Milk Jug


Hand thrown in Ayrshire by Christopher Viviani of Clod & Pebble using ethically sourced materials. A perfect jug for milk or water for whisky!

Trained as a Sculptor and inspired by nature, bushcraft and food, Chris creates ceramics that are a step away from the mundane and lifeless mass produced ware and celebrates individuality and uniqueness. 

Decorated in a limited edition confetti glaze! A combination of splattered colours on a white background. Colours include pink, yellow, a light turquoise, a darker turquoise and an aqua green.

Due to its handmade nature no two items are alike, making every piece unique. All pots are dishwasher safe and food safe though washing by hand is best.

Made in a white stoneware clay, each jug holds approx 150ml and measures approximately D7x H12cm.

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