Machair Greeting Card


Machair is a Gaelic word for a unique and delicate ecosystem that you can find on the sandy plains and dunes on the west of Scotland, particularly on the Outer Hebrides. In these remote and quiet places huge swathes of wildflowers grow from the sandy coastal ground.

 'Machair' is by scottish artist David Fleck, with an architectural background, telling playful and imaginative stories through intricate illustrations. 

“Every illustration is a playground of discovery, a world of stories waiting to be uncovered and shared”

Based in Glasgow, David's main source of inspiration centres around Scottish landscapes as well as more fantastic and imaginary places.

This A6 Greeting card is a digital reproduction of the print. It comes with a white envelope
and is printed onto 300 gsm card. Cards are provided 'plastic free' with a paper corner band holding the envelope and card together. This card is blank inside.

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