Scented Wax Decoration - Delight


'Delight' Fragrance hanger has a scent of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, aniseed, cypress and patchouli.
Which induces feelings of joy and hope
and drives away anxiety, sadness and stress.

Handmade by HeatherMay in Derbyshire, a family run business where everything is hand-crafted and hand-wrapped in their studio. 

Using 100% natural ingredients, each aromatherapy fragrance has been mindfully blended using only pure essential oils, creating a mood enhancing aroma, infusing small rooms, wardrobes, drawers, bathrooms, cloaks and cupboards with feel good scents.

Individually decorated by hand with dried flowers, fruits, herbs and spices, no two items will be identical ensuring a unique purchase every time. Also using pure essential oils may also see a slight difference in colour.

Comes packaged in an eco friendly pillow box with jute twine hanger.

Do not hang in direct sunlight. Keep away from direct heat sources. Do not place in direct contact with clothes (when using in drawers simply open the ends of your pillow box to release the fragrances and look after your clothing) Keep away from young children and pets. Contains: Eugenol, Longifolene, beta-Pinene.

Measures approximately 9 x 6cm

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