Island Whisky Candle


Island Whisky Candles are handmade on the island by the Isle of Skye Candle Company. These Tumbler candles are a great way to fragrance your home whilst setting a cosy atmosphere with its gentle light.

A warm, inviting essence of Island Whisky, where the sweetness of aged casks is combined with a subtle touch of peated barley to create a fragrance reminiscent of the finest Scottish drams. Base notes of oak, musk and vanilla lead to mid notes of spicy cinnamon and culminate with a light, fruity touch.

This candle comes in two sizes

The large Candle will last around 45 hours and fill your room with a beautiful fragrance that won’t overpower.  Measures 90 x 80mm £22.00  

The miniature Candle will last around 20 hours and are simply the cutest. These miniature candles are a great way to trial a scent or give as a wee thank you. Measures 65 x 50mm £13.50


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