Grump + Semi Stack Earrings


Glasgow based Scottish jeweller Freya Im makes beautiful, conversation sparking, jewellery out of ethically sourced materials. These Grump + Semi Stack Earrings are hand-pierced and hand-finished from brass sheet without a stencil ensuring a unique look.

Due to its handmade nature no two items are alike, making every piece unique. Made with untreated brass and filled gold findings (non irritant)

Brass will tarnish over time. Although it can be polished back to its original state Freya Im encourages the wearer to embrace the evolving finish of the metal.

If preferred one can use a product like brasso to restore the original finish OR a bath in a hot salty vinegar solution and scrub with an abrasive brush will work. Jewellery should always be removed before showering.

Dimensions: 22 x 25mm approx

Earrings come packaged in a Freya Im branded jewellery box.

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