Ginkgo Leaf Breathe Embossing


A joyful embossed and hand printed print of a gingko leaf from Scottish artist Megan Fatharly.

The Ginkgo leaf can be a symbol of longevity and profound endurance. Four ginkgo trees survived the blast in Hiroshima, t

hus, the Japanese regard the gingko as “the bearer of hope.” 

 Megan has a wonderful unique playful approach of combining traditional printmaking techniques with the manipulation of surface texture and the addition of layers. Megan draws inspiration from the intricacies of interiors, hidden spaces and elevating forgotten memories

Due to its handmade nature each piece will differ. Each print has the word 'breathe' embossed onto it. 

Approximately A5. One of 10 prints, signed by the artist

Prints come packaged flat on board wrapped in cellophane or rolled in a tube.

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