Clay Bust Sculpture - Green


Torsos handmade by Ella Bua-In from stoneware clay, every single one perfectly unique to the next. 

Ella's work is intended to be tactile and imperfect, pieces which have been made to be handled and loved. Storytelling is central to Ella's practice; she uses ceramic oxides to illustrate her pots, making reference to a wide range of sources including Ancient Greek and Roman pottery, folk tales and myths, as well as traditional brushwork techniques and botanical studies. 

Ella taught herself to pot after painting her way through a BA in Fine Art. She now lives in Cardigan, West Wales with her family.

This range of smaller torsos are palm sized, standing at around 9cm tall and 6cm wide. Due to their handmade nature they will vary in shape, size, character and colour, making each one unique. 

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