Pocket Knife - 6 colours


These handy pocket knives are handmade in Spain by a family company called Pallares Solsona.  Pallares have been making knives since 1917 in Solsona, Spain, where the knife industry dates back to the sixteenth century. 

The standard resin handle range of pocket knives are handy for all types of uses. The blade is made using stainless steel, making them very hard which in turn keeps the blade sharper for longer. The blade will naturally stain to create a nice patina over time, however must be wiped clear after use or rust can develop. To ensure quality, each blade is sharpened by hand. 

Blade measures 70mm long • Total length open 16cm • Folded length 9cm

Hand wash only, dry after use. 

(Note: Must be 18 yo to purchase; age verified on delivery)


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